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This Page of ​Enjoy My Kakes & Katering Provides Great Services to 

Gov/State/City Agencies officials Events.


Let Enjoy My Kakes & Katering 

assist you in choosing the most delightful and tasteful choices that will tantalize your next upcoming event.

Service Prices

Compare  our service packages and find the best fit for you.



Per Person

Best Package Offer

Delicious Assorted Danishes

Soft Assorted Bagels

servered with assorted flavor Cream Cheeses

(Lox, Brown sugar, Orange & Cranberry, Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Sun dried Tomatoes & Basil. And much much More!! 


and assorted flavor creamers

Selectively Fruit Salad 

Assorted Flavor Tea

Assorted  Hot Food!!!!! 



Freid Eggs & Omelets

Bacon, Sausages, Ham 


Beef Bacon, Beef Sausages

Turkey Sausages, Turkey Bacon.



Per Person

Best Package Offer

 Special Selected Meat Wraps

Barbecue pork, Honey Turkey, 

Mac & Cheese, 

honey glazed ham, sun-dried tomatoes w/ garlic flavored hummus

Special Selected  Sand wiches Platter

Honey Turkey Sandwiches,

Pastrami Sliders

Platter Market of Choice 

Slice Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Chedder Swiss

Selectively Fruit Salad

Coffee, Tea  and Juice


Potato Chip



Per Person

Best Package Offer

 Choose One of Four

Selectively Prime Meat

Roast Beef,

Rosemary & Sage Season Turkey Meat, 

Bake Crispy Skin Chicken

Honey & Garlic  Butter Bake Salmon

Choose One Of Three Grain

Three Flavored Rice

Wild Rice W/Garlic & Chives

Rice w/ Gandules Peas

Coconut Rice w/ Black beans

Choose One Of Three Veggie

Fresh Steam Broccoli

Beautiful Broil String Beans w/Cherry Tomatoes

Broil & Lightly Crisp Brussels Sprouts

Selectively Fruit Salad & Dessert

Coffee, Tea, Juice & Water

         fax: 347-562-2133 Bus: 347-694-0542 / 929-530-8390                                              

Thank You!!!

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