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Take advantage of my gallery with helping you decide on mouth watering choices, quotes, and estimates


Providing Great Food to Any Celebration


At Enjoy My Kake & Katering, rely on me to Kater for Weddings, Office Parties, Showers, Birthday & Christening

 for your needs and your budget. Whether it’s an Office Party, Bridal Shower, I have you covered.

Take a peek at my gallery below to see photos from the previous Food events I've have catered.  I will like to shear with you my passion for food, and cooking.  My consist of expertise and enhancing flavors that I provided in Enjoy My Kake & Katering. I give no excuse on my picture presentation in my gallery. Some katers spend big bucks on Photographers who then polishes up pictures of their food.  Yes!!  Picture Presentation plays a factor. But my gallery will show you great flavored food.  Presentation will come later,.  I believe in showing you flavored food.  Please!! Don't get me wrong, Picture Presentation is a key point when showed to Clients.  Yes!! i have great expertise in my presentation. But I also believe people want to taste my food, not  just the picture presentation of my food. When delivering your food I put passionate of flavor and great thoughts for Presentation. Which will come together when It's delivered from

 Enjoy My Kakes & Katering.  

Sometimes when you see great picture of food you think too yourself.("I know great flavor comes with that food")  

("That's not always the case.)  I believe in doing the opposite. 

 Delivering my flavored food and my Presentation on sight. In a expertise higher level.  

 For further details call.  Enjoy My Kakes & Katering

Thank You Much!!

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