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Get to Know Me More!!


Over 35yrs. of cooking experience stand behind me.


I’m a small southern-town lady, I grew up in Harlem too which is my home to the Melting Pot of southern syle cooking.  With a big heart for Soul Food, Cajun Food, Spanish & Caribbean Cuisine. At the age of 7 years old I prepared my first dinner meal for me, my Little brother and sister, me as the eldest daughter. There was only enough time for me to learn how to cook back then, without any parental guidance.

As I grow up, my passion for cooking helped me realize my dream of becoming a successful caterer and  an great cook

 My grandmother, aunts, and uncles also great cooks who inspired and encouraged me to pursue my goal.

Eventually, I decided to start my home base catering service for  Enjoy My Kakes & Katering.  I provide delicious Kakes and exceptional catering services for all occasion plus special event.  For myself, cooking for family, friends and clients is like a trophy that I don’t mind carrying around with me.

 Enjoy My Kakes & Katering is an License Own Business, and  has been servering the public for more than 15 years.

 and I've been cooking for over 35 years.

Bringing Enjoy My Kakes & Katering to higher heights.

Much Thanks!! Too All of My Supporters.



Company - Infml. Child Care Operator

Position: Executive Chef

Duties: Responsible for hiring and delegating kitchen and

staff duties. Having an adequately staffed in all areas

that my employees receive

necessary training for quality culinary


 Cooking and preparing meals

 Preparing weekly menu for the children’s breakfast, lunch, snack, and supper
 Keeping proper attendance of every child



Position: Self-Employed


  • Cooking and preparing food

  • Scheduling weekly menu

  • Delegating positions to my employees

Company - Women In Need, Inc.

Position: P/T Cook


  • Preparing meals

  • Organizing and cleaning the kitchen station

  • Taking inventory of supplies

Company - L.S.N.C

Position: Head Cook

Duties:Company - 

  • Managing and supervising employees

  • Organizing the kitchen

  • Delegating assignments


Washington Irving High School

Community Kitchen Culinary Training School

Certificate of Completion

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